Presentation Format

Every regular paper, R&D project, PhD thesis or Albayzin challenge will be presented by a registered author, who will prepare:

  • A 15 min (long) video which will be available before the start of the conference to be reproduced by registered attendees in order to gain in-depth insight of the paper contributions.
  • A 5 min (short) video (at most) which will be reproduced during the interactive session before the presenter answers questions to participants. We opted for this pre-recorded format to ensure a correct timing of the on-line sessions of the conference.

It is very important that all presenting authors follow the instructions to prepare and upload materials before the start of the conference, along the dates which will be announced through the email and included in this page, in order to ensure a correct and smooth flow of the online sessions of the conference.

Video preparation

The organization has contracted with an specialized company the organization of the videoconference sessions. To ensure a minimum quality and homogeneity in all videos, we contracted too the support for the preparation of videos by authors. To do so, authors should reserve a 30min (approx.) slot to connect to a video recording room which will be provided by the company in order to help the author to prepare the videos (long and short version).

Video-recording rooms will be opened from February 15th up to March 12th and should be reserved using the following Doodle link:

You will be prompted to provide a name and a valid contact email. The video recording company will contact you and will send the link for the recording. EVERY PRESENTING AUTHOR SHOULD BE REGISTERED IN THE CONFERENCE AND REGISTER FOR THE RECORDING SESSIONS. In case there would be exceptional reasons which avoid the participation in the recording session, you could prepare the recordings yourself, following the recording guidelines. The recordings should be delivered to the organization before the deadline in order to ensure they can be included in the corresponding session.

Recording guidelines

  1. Resolution should be fixed to 1920×1080, although 1280×720 could suit also. Aspect ratio should be fixed to 16:9.
  2. Ensure good frontal illumination so that the speaker is clearly seen and identified.  Avoid strong background illumination (natural or artificial).
  3. Select a quiet room far away from noise sources to avoid interruptions and unexpected sounds.
  4. Ensure you have a good quality micro and webcamIt is better to get clear speech than loud noise.
  5. Carefully prepare your 15min and 5min presentations beforehand and train as much as possible, so that the recording session is as smooth as possible. You should not spend more than the maximum established time, please.
  6. There are many free programs to ease self video-recording. Open Broadcaster Software is a good alternative, tested by our video-conference partner.